Rolly Moly

An exhibition game

Playing field projected onto the ceiling A player on the wheelchair with the infrared tracking device on his lap Test version with simpler graphics Maze drafts Animation sprites of the appearing mole

In the exhibition game Rolly Moly the player takes the role of a grumpy pensioner in a wheelchair, who is trying to handle the mole problem in his garden. The wheelchair's movements are tracked by an infrared camera and control the player's movement in a maze, which is projected onto the ceiling above. The aim is to catch as many moles as possible. Other visitors can press buttons on the walls to open or close passages in the game.

Rolly moly was implemented for the exhibition "Koffer. Raum. Zeit." ("Suitcase. Space. Time.") in esc medien kunst labor in Graz (16.-18.01.2014).

Andreas Halm: Concept, buttons, wiring, sounds, TUIO plugin.
Daniela Hauswirth: Concept, screen design, programming (Arduino).
Christoph Mauerhofer: Concept, maze, programming (Unity), infrared tracking, camera mount.