City of Design Slogan-Generator

Web/Facebook Application

City of Design Sloga Generator Input of a slogan Preview of the finished slogan Options to share the slogan List of all created slogans Slogans are linked to the Facebook account.

When the city of Graz was granted the title of UNESCO City of Design in spring 2011 the Creative Industries Styria placed posters all over the town to promote the title. As a reaction design students began to spoof this and make up own slogans.
With the City of Design Slogan-Generator slogan in the style of the Graz City of Design advertisement can be created and published. Over the facebook connection slogans can be liked, linked to one's facebook account and published on one's wall.

Simon Cazzanelli: Idea.
Christoph Mauerhofer: Concept, interface, design, coding.