Du nicht!

Exhibition against you and other minorities (exhibition concept)

Cover Allergy room "Fat-Thin-Room" Vision room Navigation symbol of the floor plans Claustrophobia room Floor plan drawing 3-dimensional gender room Financing table Working sketches Floor plan drawings Layout sketches for the booklet

Du nicht! Ausstellung gegen dich und andere Minderheiten ("You not! Exhibition against you and other minorities") is an exhibition concept from Martin Holler and Christoph Mauerhofer. In a humorous way visitors are introduced to various kinds of real discrimination and intentionally exaggerated intolerance. From everyday things like (much) to high stair steps to absurd things like Braille without sensible relief: Every visitor of this exhibition is discriminated.

Martin Holler: Concept, modelling of room visualisations, photomontages.
Christoph Mauerhofer: Concept, texts, floor plan sketches, layout.